The NEW Elegante's
Very Small In The Canal, ELEGANTE'S Hearing Aid


Special Price $ 349.00

Comes with "AGC-o" Attack Release i.e. stops louds

sounds from penetrating into your ears/hearing.

(Others sell these for $1495.00 to big bucks)

This is a very small In The Canal (ITC) hearing aid with sizing sponges if needed. So it will feel more confortable.

[O]rder one for each ear, you will then have balanced hearing or you can chose the right or left ear only.

Comes standard with a vent.

10 A Battery.

Adustable Volume Control.

Full one (1) year warranty.

The ITC (in the canal) hearing aid is for someone with a mild to moderate hearing loss, however results will vary depending on type of hearing loss. This tiny canal hearing aid is one of the most comfortable devices you can buy. The ITC comes with sizing rings for a perfect fit in most ear canals. Includes batteries, carrying case, and a cleaning tool. The ITC Hearing instrument comes with a 1 year warranty. No fitting required. Shipping and handling charges are non refundable.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: (ANSI S3.22-1987)

100% pure class "A" linear circuit. (Analog)
MAXIMUM OUTPUT--------------------------- 118 dB.
H.F. AVERAGE SSPL90------------------------ 112 dB.
FULL ON GAIN "PEAK"------------------------ 30 dB.
REFERENCE TEST GAIN---------------------- 20 dB.
FREQUENCY RANGE------------------ 200-8000 HZ.

at 500 Hz. Max.---------1%
at 800 Hz. Max.---------1%
at 1600 Hz. Max.--------1%

BATTERY CURRENT DRAIN---------------------- .30 MA.
BATTERY LIFE (312 Zinc-Air)--------------------- 400 hours