What Everyone Needs To Know
About Hearing Loss

Important information regarding hearing health, hearing loss and hearing aids. Save thousands by making the right choice of hearing aids to solve the problem of hearing loss.

The following is written for the benefit of more than 20,000,000 Americans and nearly 600,000,000 people worldwide.

As all hearing aid health care professionals know, hearing loss affects over 20,000,000 people in the United States alone, What those 20,000,000 people do not realize is the direct effect of their hearing loss on their brain. Hearing health is very important.

Sound waves which travel through the ear into a persons brain account for much of the stimulation of the brain. Noises and sounds keep the brain active and allows the brain to function normally. Without this stimulation there are consequences. Much like any organ when deprived of stimulation, the brain itself may slow down it's production of chemicals and the signals that we rely on.

Any organ in the body, when not used, becomes weak. This weakness of the signaling capacity of the brain, could have results such as confusion, forgetfulness, withdrawal from social activities with family and friends, and, in some cases, injury caused by not hearing correctly where a sound has come from. All of which are serious detriments to health of the hearing impaired.

Current and ongoing research indicates that there may even be a correlation between certain disorders such as senility and Alzheimer's. Both are serious diseases of the brain and cause for alarm.

The number of persons suffering hearing loss is growing every day, as our environment becomes more and more hazardous to our fragile hearing mechanism. Electrical machinery, heavy tools, loud music, and the like are taking their toll on our society. Healthy hearing is constantly threatened.

Behind the ear hearing aids can and do assist those who need them. The consumer needs to know that it's not just hearing loss, but may have even further ramifications on their health.

Written by: Frank Bruno
General Manager